Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead
by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Table of Contents

1.  The Advent of Lord Krsna
2.  Prayers by the Demigods for Lord Krsna in the Womb
3.  The Birth of Lord Krsna
4.  Kamsa Begins His Persecutions
5.  The Meeting of Nanda and Vasudeva
6.  Putana Killed
7.  The Salvation of Trnavarta
8.  Vision of the Universal Form
9.  Mother Yasoda Binds Lord Krsna
10.  The Deliverance of Nalakuvara and Manigriva
11.  Killing the Demons Vatsasura andBakasura
12.  The Killing of the Aghasura Demon
13.  The Stealing of the Boys and Calves by Brahma
14.  Prayers Offered by Lord Brahma to Lord Krsna
15.  The Killing of Dhenukasura
16.  Subduing Kaliya
17.  Extinguishing the Forest Fire
18.  Killing the Demon Pralambasura
19.  Devouring the Forest Fire
20.  Description of Autumn
21.  The Gopis Attracted by the Flute
22.  Stealing the Garments of the Unmarried Gopi Girls
23.  Delivering the Wives of the Brahmanas Who Performed Sacrifices
24.  Worshiping Govardhana Hill
25.  Devastating Rainfall in Vrndavana
26.  Wonderful Krsna
27.  Prayers by Indra, the King of Heaven
28.  Releasing Nanda Maharaja from the Clutches of Varuna
29.  The Rasa Dance: Introduction
30.  Krsna’s Hiding from the Gopis
31.  Songs by the Gopis
32.  Krsna Returns to the Gopis
33.  Description of the Rasa Dance
34.  Vidyadhara Liberated and the Demon Sankhacuda Killed
35.  The Gopis’ Feelings of Separation
36.  Kamsa Sends Akrura for Krsna
37.  Killing the Kesi Demon and Vyomasura
38.  Akrura’s Arrival in Vrndavana
39.  Akrura’s Return Journey and His Vision of Visnuloka Within the Yamuna River
40.  Prayers by Akrura
41.  Krsna Enters Mathura
42.  The Breaking of the Bow in the Sacrificial Arena
43.  The Killing of the Elephant Kuvalayapida
44.  The Killing of Kamsa
45.  Krsna Recovers the Son of His Teacher
46.  Uddhava Visits Vrndavana
47.  Delivery of the Message of Krsna to the Gopis
48.  Krsna Pleases His Devotees
49.  Ill-motivated Dhrtarastra
50.  Krsna Erects the Dvaraka Fort
51.  The Deliverance of Mucukunda
52.  Krsna,the Ranacora
53.  Krsna Kidnaps Rukmini
54.  Krsna Defeats All the Princes and Takes Rukmini Home to Dvaraka
55.  Pradyumna Born to Krsna and Rukmini
56.  The Story of the Syamantaka Jewel
57.  The Killing of Satrajit and Satadhanva
58.  Five Queens Married by Krsna
59.  The Deliverance of the Demon Bhaumasura
60.  Talks Between Krsna and Rukmini
61.  The Genealogy of the Family of Krsna
62.  The Meeting of Usa and Aniruddha
63.  Lord Krsna Fights with Banasura
64.  The Story of King Nrga
65.  Lord Balarama Visits Vrndavana
66.  The Deliverance of Paundraka and the King of Kasi
67.  The Deliverance of Dvivida Gorilla
68.  The Marriage of Samba
69.  The Great Sage Narada Visits the Different Homes of Lord Krsna
70.  Lord Krsna’s Daily Activities
71.  Lord Krsna in Indraprastha City
72.  The Liberation of King Jarasandha
73.  Lord Krsna Returns to the City of Hastinapura
74.  The Deliverance of Sisupala
75.  Why Duryodhana Felt Insulted at the End of the Rajasuya Sacrifice
76.  The Battle Between Salva and Members of the Yadu Dynasty
77.  The Deliverance of Salva
78.  The Killing of Dantavakra, Viduratha and Romaharsana
79.  The Liberation of Balvala, and Lord Balarama’s Touring the Sacred Places
80.  The Meeting of Lord Krsna with Sudama Brahmana
81.  The Brahmana Sudama Blessed by Lord Krsna
82.  Lord Krsna and Balarama meet the Inhabitants of Vrndavana
83.  Draupadi Meets the Queens of Krsna
84.  Sacrificial Ceremonies Performed by Vasudeva
85.  Spiritual Instruction for Vasudeva, and the Return of the Six Dead Sons of Devaki by Lord Krsna
86.  The Kidnapping of Subhadra, and Lord Krsna’s Visiting Srutadeva and Bahulasva
87.  Prayers by the Personified Vedas
88.  The Deliverance of Lord Siva
89.  The Superexcellent Power of Krsna
90.  Summary Description of Lord Krsna’s Pastimes

To My Father, Gour Mohan De  (1849-1930)

A pure devotee of Krsna, who raised me as a Krsna concious child from the beginning of my life. In my boyhood ages he instructed me how to play the mrdanga. He gave me Radha-Krsna Vigraha to worship, and he gave me Jagannatha-Ratha to duly observe the festival as my childhood play. He was kind to me, and I imbibed from him the ideas later on solidified by my spiritual master, the eternal father.

Words from Apple *

Everybody is looking for Krsna.

Some don’t realize that they are, but they are.

KRSNA is GOD, the source of all that exists, the Cause of all that is, was, or ever will be.

As GOD is unlimited, HE has many Names.

Allah-Buddha-Jehova-Rama: ALL are KRSNA, all are ONE.

God is not abstract; He has both the impersonal and the personal GOD is abstract ; He has both the impersonal and the personal aspects to His personality which is SUPREME, ETERNAL, BLISSFUL, and full of KNOWLEDGE. As a single drop of water has the same qualities as an ocean of water, so has our consciousness the qualities of GOD’S consciousness … but through our identification and attachment with material energy (physical body, sense pleasures, material possessions, ego, etc.) our true TRANSCENDENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS has been polluted, and like a dirty mirror it is unable to reflect a pure image.

With many lives our association with the TEMPORARY has grown. This impermanent body, a bag of bones and flesh, is mistaken for our true self, and we have accepted this temporay condition to be final.

Through all ages, great SAINTS have remained as living proof that this non-temporary, permanent state of GOD CONSCIOUSNESS can be revived in all living Souls. Each soul is potentially divine.

Krsna says in Bhagavad Gita: “Steady in the Self, being freed from all material contamination, the yogi achieves the highest perfectional stage of happiness in touch with the Supreme Consciousness.” (VI, 28)

YOGA (a scientific method for GOD (SELF) realization) is the process by which we purify our consciousness, stop further pollution, and arrive at the state of Perfection, full KNOWLEDGE, full BLISS.

If there’s a God, I want to see Him. It’s pointless to believe in something without proof, and Krsna Consciousness and meditation are methods where you can actually obtain GOD perception. You can actually see God, and hear Him, play with Him. It might sound crazy, but He is actually  there, actually with you.

There are many yogic Paths-Raja, Jnana, Hatha, Kriya, Karma, Bhakti-which are all acclaimed by the MASTERS of each method.

SWAMI BHAKTIVEDANTA is as his title says, a BHAKTI Yogi following the path of DEVOTION. By serving GOD through each thought, word and DEED, and by chanting HIS Holy Names, the devotee quickly develops God-consciousness. By chanting

Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama
Rama Rama, Hare Hare

One inevitable arrives at KRSNA Consciousness. (The proof of the pudding is in the eating!)

I request that you take advantage of this book KRSNA, and enter into its understanding. I also request that you make an appointment to meet your God now, through the self liberating process of YOGA (UNION) and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.

(hand written)

All you need is Love (Krishna)  Hari Bol.

George Harrison  31/3/70

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nivrtta-tarsair upagiyamanad

 bhavausadhac chrotra-mano-’bhiramat

 ka uttamasloka-gunanuvadat

 puman virajyeta vina pasu-ghnat

(Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.1.4)

In these Western countries, when someone sees the cover of a book like Krsna, he immediately asks, “Who is Krsna? Who is the girl with Krsna?” etc.

The immediate answer is that Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. How is that? Because He conforms in exact detail to descriptions of the Supreme Being, the Godhead. In other words, Krsna is the Godhead because He is all-attractive. Outside the principle of all-attraction, there is no meaning to the word Godhead. How is it one can be all-attractive? First of all, if one is very wealthy, if he has great riches, he becomes attractive to the people in general. Similarly, if someone is very powerful, he also becomes attractive, and if someone is very famous, he also becomes attractive, and if someone is very beautiful or wise or unattached to all kinds of possessions, he also becomes attractive. So from practical experience we can observe that one is attractive due to 1) wealth, 2) power, 3) fame, 4) beauty, 5) wisdom, and 6) renunciation. One who is in possession of all six of these opulences at the same time, who possesses them to an unlimited degree, is understood to be the Supreme Personality of Godhead. These opulences of the Godhead are delineated by Parasara Muni, a great Vedic authority.

We have seen many rich persons, many powerful persons, many famous persons, many beautiful persons, many learned and scholarly persons, and persons in the renounced order of life unattached to material possessions. But we have never seen any one person who is unlimitedly and simultaneously wealthy, powerful, famous, beautiful, wise and unattached, like Krsna, in the history of humanity. Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is an historical person who appeared on this earth 5,000 years ago. He stayed on this earth for 125 years and played exactly like a human being, but His activities were unparalleled. From the very moment of His appearance to the moment of His disappearance, every one of His activities is unparalleled in the history of the world, and therefore anyone who knows what we mean by Godhead will accept Krsna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. No one is equal to the Godhead, and no one is greater than Him. That is the import of the familiar saying, “God is great.”

There are various classes of men in the world who speak of God in different ways, but according to Vedic literatures and according to the great acaryas, the authorized persons versed in the knowledge of God, in all ages, like acaryas Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhva, Visnusvami, Lord Caitanya and all their followers by disciplic succession, all unanimously agree that Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. As far as we, the followers of Vedic civilization, are concerned, we accept the Vedic history of the whole universe, which consists of different planetary systems called Svargalokas, or the higher planetary system, Martyalokas, or the intermediary planetary system, and Patalalokas, or the lower planetary system. The modern historians of this earth cannot supply historical evidences of events that occurred before 5,000 years ago, and the anthropologists say that 40,000 years ago Homo sapiens had not appeared on this planet because evolution had not reached that point. But the Vedic histories, the Puranas and Mahabharata, relate human histories which extend millions and billions of years into the past.

For example, from these literatures we are given the histories of Krsna’s appearances and disappearances millions and billions of years ago. In the Fourth Chapter of the Bhagavad-gita Krsna tells Arjuna that both He and Arjuna had had many births before and that He (Krsna) could remember all of them and that Arjuna could not. This illustrates the difference between the knowledge of Krsna and that of Arjuna. Arjuna might have been a very great warrior, a well-cultured member of the Kuru dynasty, but after all, he was an ordinary human being, whereas Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is the possessor of unlimited knowledge. Because He possesses unlimited knowledge, Krsna has a memory that is boundless.

Krsna’s knowledge is so perfect that He remembers all the incidents of His appearances some millions and billions of years in the past, but Arjuna’s memory and knowledge are limited by time and space, for he is an ordinary human being. In the Fourth Chapter Krsna states that He can remember instructing the lessons of the Bhagavad-gita some millions of years ago to the sun-god, Vivasvan.

Nowadays it is the fashion of the atheistic class of men to try to become God by following some mystic process. Generally the atheists claim to be God by dint of their imagination or their meditational prowess. Krsna is not that kind of God. He does not become God by manufacturing some mystic process of meditation, nor does He become God by undergoing the severe austerities of the mystic yogic exercises. Properly speaking, He never becomes God because He is the Godhead in all circumstances.

Within the prison of His maternal uncle Kamsa, where His father and mother were confined, Krsna appeared outside His mother’s body as the four-handed Visnu-Narayana. Then He turned Himself into a baby and told His father to carry Him to the house of Nanda Maharaja and his wife Yasoda. When Krsna was just a small baby the gigantic demoness Putana attempted to kill Him, but when He sucked her breast He pulled out her life. That is the difference between the real Godhead and a God manufactured in the mystic factory. Krsna had no chance to practice the mystic yoga process, yet He manifested Himself as the Supreme Personality of Godhead at every step, from infancy to childhood, from childhood to boyhood, and from boyhood to young manhood. In this book Krsna, all of His activities as a human being are described. Although Krsna plays like a human being, He always maintains His identity as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Since Krsna is all-attractive, one should know that all his desires should be focused on Krsna. In the Bhagavad-gita it is said that the individual person is the proprietor or master of the body but Krsna, who is the Supersoul present in everyone’s heart, is the supreme proprietor and supreme master of each and every individual body. As such, if we concentrate our loving propensities upon Krsna only, then immediately universal love, unity and tranquillity will be automatically realized. When one waters the root of a tree, he automatically waters the branches, twigs, leaves and flowers; when one supplies food to the stomach through the mouth, he satisfies all the various parts of the body.

The art of focusing one’s attention on the Supreme and giving one’s love to Him is called Krsna consciousness. We have inaugurated the Krsna consciousness movement so that everyone can satisfy his propensity for loving others simply by directing his love towards Krsna. The whole world is very much anxious to satisfy the dormant propensity of love for others, but the inventions of various methods like socialism, communism, altruism, humanitarianism, nationalism, and whatever else may be manufactured for the peace and prosperity of the world, are all useless and frustrating because of our gross ignorance of the art of loving Krsna. Generally people think that by advancing the cause of moral principles and religious rites, they will be happy. Others may think that happiness can be achieved by economic development, and yet others think that simply by sense gratification they will be happy. But the real fact is that people can only be happy by loving Krsna.

Krsna can perfectly reciprocate one’s loving propensities in different relationships called mellows or rasas. Basically there are twelve loving relationships. One can love Krsna as the supreme unknown, as the supreme master, the supreme friend, the supreme child, the supreme lover. These are the five basic love rasas. One can also love Krsna indirectly in seven different relationships, which are apparently different from the five primary relationships. All in all, however, if one simply reposes his dormant loving propensity in Krsna, then his life becomes successful. This is not a fiction but is a fact that can be realized by practical application. One can directly perceive the effects that love for Krsna has on his life.

In the Ninth Chapter of the Bhagavad-gita this science of Krsna consciousness is called the king of all knowledge, the king of all confidential things, and the supreme science of transcendental realization. Yet we can directly experience the results of this science of Krsna consciousness because it is very easy to practice and is very pleasurable. Whatever percentage of Krsna consciousness we can perform will become an eternal asset to our life, for it is imperishable in all circumstances. It has now been actually proved that today’s confused and frustrated younger generation in the Western countries can directly perceive the results of channeling the loving propensity toward Krsna alone.

It is said that although one executes severe austerities, penances and sacrifices in his life, if he fails to awaken his dormant love for Krsna, then all his penances are to be considered useless. On the other hand, if one has awakened his dormant love for Krsna, then what is the use in executing austerities and penances unnecessarily?

The Krsna consciousness movement is the unique gift of Lord Caitanya to the fallen souls of this age. It is a very simple method which has actually been carried out during the last four years in the Western countries, and there is no doubt that this movement can satisfy the dormant loving propensities of humanity. This book Krsna is another presentation to help the Krsna consciousness movement in the Western world. This transcendental literature is published in two parts with profuse illustrations. People love to read various kinds of fiction to spend their time and energy. Now this tendency can be directed to Krsna. The result will be the imperishable satisfaction of the soul, both individually and collectively.

It is said in the Bhagavad-gita that even a little effort expended on the path of Krsna consciousness can save one from the greatest danger. Hundreds of thousands of examples can be cited of people who have escaped the greatest dangers of life due to a slight advancement in Krsna consciousness. We therefore request everyone to take advantage of this great transcendental literature. One will find that by reading one page after another, an immense treasure of knowledge in art, science, literature, philosophy and religion will be revealed, and ultimately, by reading this one book, Krsna, love of Godhead will fructify.

My grateful acknowledgment is due to Sriman George Harrison, now chanting Hare Krsna, for his liberal contribution of $19,000 to meet the entire cost of printing this volume. May Krsna bestow upon this nice boy further advancement in Krsna consciousness.

And at last my ever-willing blessings are bestowed upon Sriman Syamasundara dasa Adhikari, Sriman Brahmananda dasa Brahmacari, Sriman Hayagriva dasa Adhikari, Sriman Satsvarupa Adhikari, Srimati Devahuti-devi, Srimati Jadurani dasi, Sriman Muralidhara dasa Brahmacari, Sriman Bharadvaja dasa Adhikari and Sriman Pradyumna dasa Adhikari, etc., for their hard labor in different ways to make this publication a great success.

Hare Krsna.

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Advent Day of

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati

February 26th, 1970

ISKCON Headquarters

3764 Watseka Avenue

 Los Angeles, California

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