19,494 Downloadable Pictures of Srila Prabhupada

Note: To download all of the pictures in one fell swoop, download and install a free program called HTTrack (http://www.httrack.com/). Follow the onscreen instructions, entering “1” (without the quotes) for the “Project name” on screen #2 and “http://prabhupada.krishna.com/photos” (without the quotes) for the “Web Address (URL)” on page #3. Use the defaults for all of the other settings. It will then put the MP3 files in “C:\My Web Sites\1\prabhupada.krishna.com\photos” by default.


Here’s an idea for creating a private transcendental cable TV station using the 19,494 pictures of Srila Prabhupada:

http://harekrsna.com/sun/news/02-08/news1860.htm (“I'm Hooked!”)